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Here at Dents UK, not only do we take pride in the quality of our workmanship, but also in how the customer experience is handled from start to finish.

Maybe your car has a light scuff that could come out with a quick machine polish? Or perhaps it requires heavy repairs that need to go through Insurance? Either way, we’re here to help.

Get in touch today, so we can assess your needs and find the right solution for you.

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are happy to confirm as an Essential Business, we are open as normal during our usual working hours whilst taking full precautions onsite for both staff and customers

Get in Touch

After taking some clear, high quality images of the damaged area, fill out our quotation request form above and submit to us after filling out the information we need to provide you a quick and accurate quotation.

Review & Quote

After your Quotation Request comes through to us, one of our Estimating team will review any damage on your vehicle.
At this stage, if the car needs a further physical assessment to get a better idea of the repair methods we need to undertake, we will let you know.

Book in Repairs

Ready to go ahead? Great! Get in touch with one of our team and we’ll be happy to arrange a suitable booking in date for repairs. Once you drop your car to us we’ll get to work straight away, with your vehicle being looked after by our team of highly experienced and skilled technicians.

Ready to Collect

All done! Once work is complete on your vehicle, we’ll arrange for a complimentary wash & valet* whilst you come down to collect your car

*Complimentary Wash & Valet included in all repairs above £180

Insurance Repair

Have some heavier damage instead? Let us handle it.

Dents UK have been providing Insurance repairs to our customers since 2004, and we pride ourselves on beating out the Insurers-Approved-Bodyshop’s in both turnaround time and most importantly the quality of workmanship.

Unlike IAB’s, we are not restricted to the insurer’s own labour and paint discount rates, which are often set extremely low as to save long term costs for the Insurer. Such pricing usually reflects in the poor quality of work.

When using us instead of an Insurance-Approved-Bodyshop, you can rest easy in the knowledge that we do not compromise in the quality of paint & materials used and strive to only use the best.

Private Repair

Sometimes we get into situations where it’s better to just pay for repairs ourself rather than claiming on your Insurance policy, pushing costs up when time for renewal comes.

Need to get that scratched bumper sorted? No problem, just reach out to us.

We use exactly the same high quality paint & materials in all our work, whether private or insurance.

Frequently Asked

The accident I was in wasn’t my fault. What do I do next?

In situations such as this there are several options going forward, and we will try to establish the best one for your specific case. Many times, the 3rd Party at fault will own up to the accident in which they will legally have 100% Liability for the costs.


As such, to keep costs down as much as possible for the honest and good willing at fault party, we are happy to give a free estimate for private repairs to your vehicle if they wish to avoid making a claim on their Insurance policy. If repair costs end up being too high, they may wish to get your vehicle repaired through their own policy regardless.


Unfortunately, many a time we encounter an individual who has caused the accident and is at fault but is unwilling to admit liability for the case. In such circumstances, getting them to pay for repairs privately is Impossible. If you feel you are not at fault for an accident, please do get in touch with us as we have a team of solicitors who will be able to fight your case at no charge and claim back any repair costs from the 3rd parties Insurer rather than your own, thereby saving your premium from increasing the following year due to a claim.


They will only accept the case if they feel they have a decent chance of winning. Even if they do not win the case, you will not be liable for any charges, so if your claim is accepted, this is the best-case scenario for yourself as you will have your vehicle repaired at no cost to yourself, a like for like replacement vehicle for the duration your vehicle is off the road, and no claim to be made on your policy, therefore no Excess to be paid.


My Insurer insists I use their recommended repairer, do I have to use them?

If making a claim through your own Insurance policy, you are legally entitled to have your car repaired wherever you so wish, and your Insurance must fulfil this obligation to you unless specifically stated in your policy that you must use their own repairer (Very Few Policy Documents Stipulate This)


The main beneficiary of you using an IAB (Insurance Approved Bodyshop), is infact your insurer. These bodyshops work on a quantity over quality basis, repairing as many as 100-150 cars per month whilst providing your Insurance company heavy discounts for referral of the work.


At Dents UK, owing to the fact we are not bound to an Insurance Approved Bodyshop pricing structure, we consistently deliver repairs of the highest quality as our reviews attest to and we continually reinvest in our both our experienced Technicians and our Paints & Materials.


Last, but certainly not least, we are able to invest in your experience as a customer. Nobody likes paying their excess when making a claim, so we try to save as much of it for you as we can (From £150 upwards)

Do you offer any warranty on the work carried out?

Yes! Such is the confidence in the quality of our workmanship and materials used, we offer a 3-Year warranty for all bodywork carried out by us. Full Warranty details can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

How will you match the repair to the colour of my vehicle?

Here at Dents UK we have a state-of-the-art on site mixing scheme using the latest technologies allowing us to mix the paint for any vehicle on demand. We obtain the paint code from the Chassis plate from 98% of the vehicles. In rare instances where there is no paint code on the vehicle we supply the VIN number to the Manufacturers to obtain the paint code directly.


We input the paint code into our Tablet PC which is connected directly with the paint manufacturers database, allowing us to download the latest revision of the paint formula which we then proceed to mix on-site.


This allows us to paint vehicle panels edge-to-edge in most cases and get a perfect colour match, however certain metallic and pearlescent shades will still need blending into the adjacent panel for an absolute perfect finish.

The fact that all paint is mixed on-site means we don’t have to wait around for deliveries from paint suppliers and can get to work straight away, meaning in the end, you get your car back quicker.


We work with the
best insurance companies

Here’s a small selection of reputable Insurance companies we undertake repairs for.

Insurer not listed? No problem, we work with all Insurance brands in the UK, just get in touch with us to start the repair process.